Ottawa Life Celebrations

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Every family is different and not everyone wants the same type of memorial service. We help you create a memorial service that is designed to celebrate the life of the person in a dignified and sensitive manner.  

Together we create a ceremony that provides comfort, meets the deceased’s wishes and reflects their life.  The memorial service / funeral is an essential element in celebrating a life and presents a window from which to say farewell.

Child Dedication or Christening ceremonies enable parents, family and friends to recognize the child within the family and greater community by conducting a spiritual or non spiritual ceremony. 

By making promises and commitments to the child a public declaration is made about the parents that you hope to be. It also declares your intent as a parent strengthening the family unit and your child’s support network.

This offers an opportunity to affirm your love to one another. Whether it is to mark a significant anniversary, celebrate the overcoming of challenges that life has thrown at you, or just because you want to affirm your love and commitment to each other.

By truly expressing your feelings and commitments to one another, this marriage ceremony is a reflection of how you feel about life together so far and its continuing journey.

You can have the wedding of your dreams almost anywhere you can gather your friends and family. So whether you choose a stately home, hotel, golf club, tent or your back yard, you can have the wedding ceremony you desire.It is a ceremony about what your marriage means to you! How you arrived at this point and where your hopes and dreams will take you together. Celebrate your marriage your way.

Serving the greater Ottawa area and surrounding communities, we have several years of experience helping people with their Life Celebrations.  Acting as facilitator and guide, we will assist you with life transitions and celebrations. You can include as much or as little religious content as you choose. It is not a mandatory component of any of our ceremonies. The choice is in your hands to decide. The result will be a service intended to be a uniquely personalized, deep and loving event.